Big Ben Interactive
Consultancy, Content
Project details

In 2017 Big Ben Interactive worked on the release of their new game for Xbox, and PC.

TT Isle of Man: The Game was one of the most eagerly anticipated bike racing titles of the last ten years. Initially due to ship in October 2017, due to the scale of recreating the most famous bike racing location in the world, Big Ben Games decided to hold off the release until the studio felt comfortable the level of quality matched the high expectations of both fans and developers alike.

To ensure excitement and support continued after this delay, Macchina Media were asked to consult on the game, offering solutions to the first stage of video marketing.

Macchina Media wrote and recorded The Siren, for the first official teaser trailer. The poem was written to deliver the feeling of passion, excitement and legend that surrounds the TT race. Delivering the emotion shared by fans, riders and teams. Originally this was to be voiced by a male artist; however Big Ben realised there might be more commercial value in using a female voice, to deliver the impact of emotion from The Siren.


Project details
  • ClientBig Ben Interactive
  • Date05.04.2018
  • RoleWriter, Consultancy